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SunStar Solutions

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We solve energy problems with extraordinary solutions

SunStar Solutions
SunStar Solutions

We are a lot more than a Solar company, we are a group of citizens of the world empowering your future.

Savings from day 1

Going solar is always the best option. It is clean and reliable. Guaranteed savings from day 1.

Why SunStar Solutions?

Personalized Service, Free Consultation, and a Free Quote.

25-year Warranty, and a 10-year Roof Warranty.

Best Selection: We only work with the absolute best brands in the market.

No money out of pocket to install your system.

The Federal Government will cover for 26% of the cost of the system.

Savings from day 1, guaranteed.

Lowest interest in the Market.

Lowest APR in the market0.99%

Guaranteed savingsfrom day 1

No upfront payment$0 down

We can make great things happen. We can help people convert to cleaner and cheaper energy sources. We are doing our part.

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  • Solar Edge
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