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What is Solar?

Solar power is energy from the sun that is converted into electrical energy. Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available, and the U.S. has some of the richest solar resources in the world.

Solar Panels

At SunStar Solutions quality is non-negotiable, we only work with Tier 1 panels that offer the most competitive warranties, performance, and aesthetics.

We take pride in our world-class customer experience, and attention to detail.


Part of our services includes personalizing your proposal to satisfy your needs.

As a company, we use Micro-Inverters to offer the most reliable inverters and best quality.

However, based on your requirements we can offer any type of inverter to accommodate your requests

Energy Independence

This is a very unique moment where you can become energy independent, for no money out of pocket.

Solar Energy is the answer if your priority is to secure your family’s well-being, produce your own clean energy, and prepare for the future.

Why Solar?

Going Solar is a no brainer. You can go solar for no money down, get a massive 30% tax credit, save money, build equity on your home, and safeguard your family by being energy independent. If you are not sure about solar yet, give us the chance to build a custom free quote and compare your options. We are happy to help.


Replace your power bill with a lower solar bill

Energy Independence

Produce your own clean energy

Build Equity

Increase your home’s value without increasing your taxes

Tax Credit

Get a Massive 30% Tax Credit

Tax Credit

Get a Massive 30% Tax Credit

Clean Power

It just makes sense, the future is solar.

No Money Down

No tricks, absolutely nothing down to install your solar system

Your Solar Journey

We have made the solar installation experience completely customer oriented. After accepting our offer, you will be surprised how hands-off and easy was the process for you.

Personalized Quote





Energy Independence


We only work with the best, most responsive, highest quality providers, and partners in the industry.

You can be the best, or you can be the cheapest, we believe that the best quality can be also competitive, and efficient, to offer the highest satisfaction to our customers.

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Pearl Certification

At SunStar Solutions, we are proud to be named by Pearl Certification as an “Approved Contractor.”

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#1 Fastest-Growing Residential Solar Contractor

2023 | SunStar Solutions #1 Fastest growing residential solar contractor in Texas.

The SunStar Warranty

With Manufacturer’s and Workmanship warranty for your satisfaction and peace of mind.